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Avita" Company has been engaged in pharmaceutical activity since January 2011 and specialized in marketing of medicinal products on the territory of R.Moldova. For the present time "Avita " covers all stages of product launching into the pharmaceutical market: product registration, purchase and delivery of products, promotion and launching of products into the market, product allocation in wholesale network on the whole area of R.Moldova. The principal purpose of the company is to provide the market of R.Moldova with up-to-date, effective and improving the health of inhabitants. Pursuing this object, "Avita" selects those factories as partners whose manufacturing technologies correspond to all the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

From the date of agreement, "Avita" has great confidence to succeed. The companies are “Pharma-Zentral”(Germania),"Foneks” (Argentina),"HELP” (Grecia), “Romers” (Argentina), "Amoun"(Egipt), "BioPharma" (Turcia), “Uriach"(Spania).Collaboration with our partners is not restricted in purely commercial relations. The employers of "Avita" take active part in trainings annually organized by the manufacturing companies, improve their professional skills and share the experience. "Avita" with the participation of leading experts, often arranges presentations, seminars, conferences devoted to the urgent problems of pharmacotherapy and also participates in other scientific and practical arrangements carried out in the Republic.

"Avita" has a solid and constantly growing team of medical representatives working with physicians and pharmacists in all regions of republics. For the present day there are no practically regions in R.Moldova where physicians did not know about preparations being launched into the market by " Avita". "Avita" company is the member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia We observe the highest professional and ethical standards in everything we do.

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